Kroc Institute Statement in Response to Violence against AAPI Community


We at the Kroc Institute want to name our solidarity with the Asian-American, Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in the U.S. as their community remains under assault and experiences a rise in racially-motivated violence. The recent horrific shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, and assaults Oakland, California, illustrate the ways that racism and white supremacy, sexism, and ageism leave especially women and elders at risk of ongoing violence. 

This violence toward and scapegoating of the AAPI community must stop, and we recommit ourselves to undertaking the necessary work to undo the conditions that make such harassment, hate crimes, and violence possible, and that dehumanize AAPI individuals and other people of color. 

We are committed to addressing and dismantling the biases that are present in our own community, as well as across the United States and around the world. We invite those of you reading this to join us in this work for racial justice and to rededicate yourself to this labor in your own contexts as well.  

You can also read a recent statement from our sister Institute, the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies.