Kroc Appoints New Faculty Fellows


The Kroc Institute recently named nine new faculty fellows. Faculty fellows are professors at the University of Notre Damewhose research and teaching relate to peace studies. They teach courses that are part of the peace studies curriculum, contribute to Kroc research initiatives, and collaborate with Kroc faculty.

New faculty fellows appointed since the beginning of the academic year are: 

Kraig Beyerlein, Assistant Professor of Sociology, who focuses on the sociology of religion, social movements and collective behavior, civil engagement and social capital, quantitative methods, social networks and sociology of culture.    

Sandra M. Gustafson, Associate Professor of English and Concurrent Associate Professor of American Studies, who addresses literature and deliberative democracy theory, religious rhetoric, conflict, and consensus, and literature and peace education.

Molly Lipscomb, Assistant Professor of Economics, who researches product choice in response to changes in environmental regulations, water quality and inter-jurisdictional pollution, negotiation over public goods, and the impact of access to infrastructure.    

Rory McVeigh, Professor of Sociology, who examines inequality, social movements, political sociology, race and ethnicity.    

Contact: Hal Culbertson, 574-631-8832,