Implications of the U.S. Election on Prospects for Peace

Author: Kristi Flaherty

Peace Policy Dec 2016

The November election results will have significant implications for U.S. international policy and the prospects for peace. In this issue we examine some of the challenges the new administration will face and the impact of past and future policy choices in relation to the war in Syria, debates about human rights and the use of torture, and the domestic consequences of the global war on terror for Muslims and other communities.

New posts in the December 2016 issue of Peace Policy:

David Cortright examines the obstacles to peace in Syria and the challenges the new administration will face in addressing the civil war and its consequences. More »

Jennifer Mason McAward reviews some of the human rights issues raised by the President-Elect’s campaign rhetoric and their possible policy impacts. More »

Perin Gurel comments upon the registration of Muslims and law enforcement action against racialized communities in the context of the War on Terror. More »

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