Global Counterterrorism Efforts 20 Years after 9/11


The bitter irony of the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks makes a re-evaluation of U.S. and global counterterrorism policy more urgent than ever. This issue of Peace Policy offers perspectives toward that end.

Lisa Schirch, the Richard G. Starmann Sr. Visiting Professorship Chair in Peace Studies at the Kroc Institute, outlines seven peacebuilding principles for preventing violent extremism. More »

Naureen Chowdhury Fink, Executive Director of The Soufan Center, explores the benefits and challenges of incorporating gender perspectives in counterterrorism efforts. More »

Alistair Millar, President of the Fourth Freedom Forum and adjunct professor at The George Washington University, and David Cortright, Professor Emeritus of the Practice at the Kroc Institute and Director of the Global Policy Initiative of the Keough School of Global Affairs, lay out guidelines for more effective multilateral cooperation against global terrorism. More »

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