Fall Semester Peace Studies Classes Begin

Author: Renée LaReau

Political protest, religion and peace, foreign policy, international development, and environmental justice are among the issues Notre Dame peace studies students will study in more than 60 peace studies courses offered during the 2014 fall semester.

Peace studies courses are taught by Kroc Institute core faculty as well as fellows in the Notre Dame Departments of Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology, Theology, History, and others.

Peace studies courses offered primarily to undergraduates include:

  • Religion in International and Global Relations — Prof. Atalia Omer (new)
  • Scripture, Violence and Peace — Prof. Mun’im Sirry (new)
  • Understanding War and Peace — Prof. Gary Goertz (new)
  • Political Protest in a Globalizing World — Prof. Ann Mische (new)
  • Postwar: The Emergence of the Global, 1945-2014 — Prof. Scott Appleby (new)
  • How to Change the World: Tactics of Nonviolent Action — Prof. David Cortright 
  • Structural Violence — Prof. Catherine Bolten
  • When Tolerance Is Not Enough — Prof. Jason Springs
  • Environmental Justice — Prof. Kristin Shrader-Frechette
  • Modern Israel — Prof. Asher Kaufman
  • Catholicism and Politics — Prof. Daniel Philpott

Peace studies courses offered primarily to master’s and PhD students include:

  • Religion, Gender and Development — Prof. Atalia Omer (new)
  • Repression and Dissent — Prof. Patrick Regan (new)
  • Global Catholicism — Profs. Emmanuel Katongole and Paul Kollman, C.S.C. (new)
  • Peace Studies: Organizing the Field — Prof. Asher Kaufman (new)
  • Foundations in Peace Studies — Prof. Ann Mische
  • Conflict Transformation/Strategic Peacebuilding — Prof. John Paul Lederach
  • Professional Development — Prof. Theresa Ricke-Kiely
  • Peacebuilding and Public Policy — Prof. Gerard Powers
  • Qualitative Research Methods — Prof. Gary Goertz
  • International Peace Research — Prof. Peter Wallensteen

Notre Dame’s fall 2014 semester begins on Aug. 26.