Congratulations, Peace Studies Class of 2021


The Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies celebrates the graduation of 31 undergraduate seniors who completed either a supplementary major or minor in peace studies, 2 undergraduate students who completed the supplementary major in global affairs with a concentration in international peace studies, 14 Kroc Scholars who completed the master of global affairs, international peace studies concentration at the Keough School of Global Affairs, 3 students who completed a graduate minor in peace studies, and 5 graduates of the Institute’s doctoral program. 

“Members of the class of 2021 overcame tremendous challenges during their final year of studies, and we are thrilled to celebrate with them as they graduate,” said Asher Kaufman, John M. Regan, Jr. director of the Kroc Institute. “These students now become a part of the Kroc Institute’s global alumni network, and we look forward to seeing how they will continue to advance the work of building a more just and peaceful world wherever their next steps may take them.” 

The Undergraduate Program in Peace Studies

The University of Notre Dame undergraduate class of 2021 includes the following students who completed either a supplementary major or minor in peace studies.

  • Elizabeth Allgaier, English;
  • Kiley Atkins, Political Science;
  • Oneile Baitlotli, Political Science;
  • Elsa Barron, Biological Sciences;
  • Katheryn Bellaschi, Psychology;
  • Kelby Bosma, Sociology;
  • Andrea Castano Andrade, Business Analytics;
  • Shane Combs, Aerospace Engineering;
  • Conal Fagan, Political Science;
  • Sophia Henn, Economics;
  • Brendan Hogan, Business Analytics;
  • Katarina Jamsek, Environmental Sciences;
  • Somin Jo, Neuroscience and Behavior;
  • Krystyna Kula, Mathematics;
  • Mitchell Larson, Economics;
  • Ethan Lipnicky, Psychology;
  • Matthew Macke, English;
  • Malia Marshall, Finance;
  • Patrick McCabe, Political Science;
  • Mary McCans, Pre-Professional Studies;
  • Ellanor Patton, Political Science;
  • Anastasia Reisinger, International Economics;
  • Emilie Reynolds, Neuroscience and Behavior;
  • Meilin Scanish, History;
  • Claire Sofronas, Business Analytics;
  • Elizabeth Soller, Program of Liberal Studies;
  • William Spretnjak, Theology;
  • Alexis Stensby, Biochemistry;
  • Brianna Tello, Neuroscience and Behavior;
  • Kristina White, Applied and Computational Math and Statistics; and
  • Christopher Ye, Business Analytics.

In addition, two students, Sarah Galbenski and Kaya Lawrence, completed a concentration in international peace studies as part of their supplementary major in global affairs. 

Celebrating the Master of Global Affairs, International Peace Studies Graduates

This year, the Keough School of Global Affairs celebrated its third class of master of global affairs graduates. The class of 2021 included 33 students representing 17 countries around the world.

Fourteen Kroc Scholars completed the master of global affairs, international peace studies concentration, administered by the Kroc Institute.

This year’s graduates include:

  • Margaret Adomako (Ghana);
  • Justice Chiedozie Chukwu (Nigeria);
  • Erin Connolly (United States);
  • María José Daza Bohórquez (Colombia);
  • Enkhjargal Dugeree (Mongolia);
  • Cristian Sáez Flórez (Colombia); 
  • Mulugeta Woldeeyesus Haiybano (Ethiopia);
  • John Bosco Lugonja (Uganda);
  • Jirah Kaye Luison (Philippines);
  • Bishara Ali Mohamed (Kenya);
  • Mathilda Nassar (Palestine);
  • Micaiah Palmer (United States); and
  • Miriam Psychas (United States/Finland).
  • Gulzeyin Sharipova- Khalibaeva (Kyrgyzstan/ Russia)

Graduate Minors in Peace Studies

Niloofar Adnani (master of global affairs, global affairs concentration), Syeda (Fiana) Arbab (master of global affairs, sustainable development concentration), and Joachim Ozonze (master of theological studies) all completed a graduate minor in peace studies. 

Peace Studies Doctoral Program Graduates

The Kroc Institute also honored five doctoral students who have completed or will complete the Kroc Institute’s Ph.D. program in peace studies by August 2021. The doctoral program prepares students who are fully trained, professionalized, and marketable in both the multidisciplinary field of peace studies and one of six traditional disciplines (anthropology, history, psychology, political science, sociology, or theology).

The doctoral class of 2021 includes:

  • Anna Fett, peace studies and history;
  • Katherine Grein, peace studies and psychology;
  • Drew (Richard) Marcantonio, peace studies and anthropology;
  • Maryam Rokhide, peace studies and anthropology; and
  • Kathryn Scrafford, peace studies and psychology. 

Congratulations to all the graduates!   

Throughout May and June, the Kroc Institute will be featuring graduating students via Facebook and Instagram. Follow along @KrocInstitute to celebrate the peace studies class of 2021. 

About the Kroc Institute: The Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, which is part of the Keough School of Global Affairs, supports study, research and practice centered on strategies for sustainable peace and supports undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. students in peace studies.