Congratulations, Peace Studies Class of 2020

Author: Hannah Heinzekehr

The Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies celebrates the graduation of 33 undergraduate seniors who completed either a supplementary major or minor in peace studies, 13 Kroc Scholars who completed the master of global affairs, international peace studies concentration at the Keough School of Global Affairs, and four graduates of the Institute’s doctoral program. In addition, for the first time, the Kroc Institute is also honoring three students who completed a graduate minor in peace studies. 

Members of the class of 2020 overcame tremendous challenges during their final semester of studies, and we are thrilled to celebrate with them as they graduate,” said Asher Kaufman, John M. Regan, Jr. director of the Kroc Institute. “We are excited to welcome these students to the Kroc Institute’s global alumni network, and look forward to seeing how they will advance the work for peace and justice around the world.” 

The Undergraduate Program in Peace Studies

The University of Notre Dame undergraduate class of 2020 includes the following students who completed either a supplementary major or minor in peace studies:

Julia Allpow (American Studies), Cassandra Anzalone (Political Science), Mia Ayer (Anthropology), Christina Boitano (Marketing), Elizabeth Boyle (Political Science), Claire DeSelm (Political Science), Caitlin Eckerman (Psychology), Cassandra Ford (Political Science), Amber Grimmer (International Economics), Godsee Joy (Economics), Adrian Lore (Anthropology), Gweneth McCain (Philosophy), Emilia McManus (Political Science), Lillian Merrigan (Psychology), Lisa Michelini (Political Science), Maggie Moriarity Miltko (International Economics), Christopher Moy (Business Analytics), Caitlin O'Brien (Biochemistry), Jacqueline O'Brien (Political Science), Rylie O'Meara (Biological Sciences), Maria Orellana Muniz (Political Science), Katie O'Sullivan (Political Science), Natalia Quirk (Biological Sciences), Maria Paula Ramirez (Finance), Caroline Reidy (Neuroscience and Behavior), Laura Ribas Abislaiman (Political Science), Maria Rossi (Psychology), Sydney Schlager (International Economics), Terese Schomogyi (Political Science), Fabiola Shipley (Political Science), Georgia Twersky (International Economics),  Alexandra Vallera (Biological Sciences), Yao-Hua Wu (Finance)

Celebrating the Master of Global Affairs, International Peace Studies Graduates

This year, the Keough School of Global Affairs celebrated its second class of master of global affairs graduates. The class of 2020 included 37 students representing 22 countries around the world.

Thirteen Kroc Scholars completed the master of global affairs, international peace studies concentration, administered by the Kroc Institute.

This year’s graduates include:

Karis Ailabouni(United States), Eduardo José Badilla Valdivia (Costa Rica), Rana El-Beheiry (Egypt), Ephraim Bassey Emah (Nigeria), Helina Haile (United States), Gizem Korun (Turkey), Novita Liangga Kumala (Indonesia), Maria Isabel Leon Gomez Sonet (Honduras), Mary Mumbi (Kenya), Victoria Nyanjura (Uganda), Jacqueline Shrader (United States), Nzubechi Pantaleon Uwaleme (Nigeria), and Nate Van Duzer (United States). 

Graduate Minors in Peace Studies

Pawas Manandhar and Kevin Richardson (master of global affairs, sustainable development), and Shaun Slusarski (master of theological studies).

Peace Studies Doctoral Program Graduates

The Kroc Institute also honored four doctoral students who have completed or will complete the Kroc Institute’s Ph.D. program in peace studies by August 2020. The doctoral program prepares students who are fully trained, professionalized, and marketable in both the multidisciplinary field of peace studies and one of six traditional disciplines (anthropology, history, psychology, political science, sociology, or theology).

The doctoral class of 2020 includes:

Colleen Cross (peace studies and theology), Garrett Fitzgerald (peace studies and political science), Kristina Hook (peace studies and anthropology), and Leslie MacColman (peace studies and sociology). Hook graduated in May, while the other three plan to graduate in August. 

Congratulations to all the graduates!   

Throughout the month of May, the Kroc Institute will be featuring graduating students via Facebook and Instagram. Follow along @KrocInstitute to celebrate the peace studies class of 2020. 

About the Kroc Institute: The Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, which is part of the Keough School of Global Affairs, supports study, research and practice centered on strategies for sustainable peace and supports undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. students in peace studies.