Congratulations, Peace Studies Class of 2019


Members of the 2019 undergraduate peace studies class listen to remarks by Kroc Institute Director Asher Kaufman during a May 17 recognition ceremony.

The Kroc Institute recently celebrated the graduation of 44 undergraduate seniors who completed either a supplementary major or minor in peace studies, 15 Kroc Scholars who completed the Master of Global Affairs, International Peace Studies concentration at the Keough School of Global Affairs, and five graduates of the Kroc Institute’s doctoral program.


The Undergraduate Program in Peace Studies


The undergraduate class of 2019 includes the following students who completed either a supplementary major or minor in peace studies:


Monica And MaddieMadeleine Thompson and Monica Montgomery, the 2019 recipients of the Yarrow Award in Peace Studies.

Michelle Christine Acabado (English), Alaina Anderson (Psychology), Isabella Anglin (Economics), Guadalupe Ashley (American Studies), Helen Asmuth (American Studies), Karla Burgos-Morón (Political Science), Michael Conroy (Political Science), Iliana Contreras (Political Science), Melinda Davis (Psychology), James Driscoll (Economics), Joseph Everett (Program of Liberal Studies), Shannon Fallon (Sociology), Margaret Feighery (Program of Liberal Studies), Juan Fernandez (Political Science), Grace Garvey (Anthropology), Bernadette Grant (Finance), Kirsten Hanlon (Neuroscience and Behavior), Margaret Harrington (Mathematics), Meredith Henry (Program of Liberal Studies), Zachary Herford (Political Science), Allison Hidalgo (International Economics), Kristina Keenan* (Communications), Alex Kruszewski (Finance), Claire Marie Kuhn (Political Science), Joseph Laski (Sociology), Nabila Levinsohn Mourad (Political Science), Michael Lodenquai (Economics), Catherine Lynch (Finance), Monica Montgomery (Political Science), Rebecca Nunge (Pre-Professional Studies), Erin Pettegrew (English), Sarah Pieslak (Chemical Engineering), Tayde Ana Revilak Fonseca (Political Science),

David Scaramucci (Management Consulting), Colleen Scott (Pre-Professional Studies), Katherine Smith (Marketing), Margaret Spesia (Theology), Genevieve Streich (Theology), Madeleine Thompson (Theology), MacKenzie Thurman (Political Science), Charles Trense (Finance), Aurelia Vaiana (Theology), Beth Vander Hoek (Political Science), and Colleen Wiechart (International Economics).


During a May 17 ceremony, Monica Montgomery and Madeleine Thompson, co-chairs of this year’s Notre Dame Student Peace Conference, accepted the 2019 Yarrow Award. The Yarrow Award in Peace Studies is awarded annually by the Kroc Institute to one or two peace studies undergraduate students from the graduating cohort who demonstrate both academic excellence and a commitment to peace and justice. Montgomery and Thompson both offered remarks as part of the ceremony.


Melinda Davis (first) and Erin Pettigrew (second) were also honored as winners of the Senior Seminar Essay Award, given annually to two seniors who have demonstrated excellence in peace studies research and writing.


Mga Class Of 19Members of the inaugural Master of Global Affairs class outside Jenkins Nanovic Halls, the home of the Keough School of Global Affairs.

Celebrating the Inaugural Master of Global Affairs Class


In a May 18 ceremony, the Keough School of Global Affairs celebrated the first Master of Global Affairs graduates. The class of 2019 included 37 students representing 22 countries around the world.


Fifteen of the graduating students were Kroc Scholars, choosing to pursue a concentration in International Peace Studies.


This year’s Kroc Scholars include:


Marcelle Al-Zoughbi (Palestine), Malalai Habibi (Afghanistan), Aminata Karim (Sierra Leone), Oleksii Kovalenko (Ukraine), Lamia Sameen Malik (Pakistan), Subhiya Mastonshoeva (Tajikistan), Mohammad Omar Metwally (Egypt), Loyce Mrewa (Zimbabwe), Parusha Naidoo (South Africa), Mujahid Osman (South Africa), Jasmine (KP) Passa (United States), Alyssa Paylor (United States), Zhu Qing (China), Rhea Fe V. Silvosa (Philippines), and Djiba Soumaoro (Mali).


Ips ClassMany of the 2019 Kroc Scholars, graduating students who pursued the Master of Global Affairs concentration in International Peace Studies.

Peace Studies Doctoral Graduates


The Kroc Institute also honored five doctoral students who have completed or will complete the Kroc Institute’s Ph.D. program in peace studies by August 2019. The doctoral program prepares students who are fully trained, professionalized, and marketable in both the multidisciplinary field of peace studies and one of six traditional disciplines (anthropology, history, psychology, political science, sociology, or theology).


The doctoral class of 2019 includes:


Angie LederachDoctoral graduate Angela Lederach talks with Mary Mumbi (MGA ’20) and Catherine Bolten, Kroc Institute Director of Doctoral Studies.

Rieti Gengo (Anthropology), Caleb Hamman (Political Science), Angela Lederach (Anthropology), Emily Maiden (Political Science), and Dana Townsend (Psychology).


Congratulations to all the graduates!   


* Indicates a student at Saint Mary’s College.


About the Kroc Institute: The Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, which is part of the Keough School of Global Affairs, supports study, research and practice centered on strategies for sustainable peace and supports undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. students in peace studies.