Jessica Bailey, B.A. ’01

Published: October 02, 2012

Author: Renée LaReau

Jessica Bailey

Jessica Scanlan Bailey is CEO and Co-Founder of Greenworks Lending, LLC in Stamford, Connecticut, an organization that works to help building owners access financing for clean energy improvements on their properties. 

Prior to serving in this role, Jessica was the sustainable development program officer for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund in New York, where she focused on climate change. Her position at Rockefeller involved allocating funds for research, advocacy and communications support to organizations that advanced clean energy policies at the state and federal level.

Jessica first became interested in climate change and sustainable energy when she joined the Fund in 2004 as Special Assistant to the President.

"Energy became the connective tissue for all of the issues I had become passionate about as a student: human rights, security, policy and international relations," Jessica says. "I realized that our efforts toward peace would be compromised unless we figure out what to do about climate change."

In 2012, Jessica took a part-time professional leave to work for the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority in Connecticut, where she helped to create financial products, programs and policies that attract private capital to the state's clean energy market.

Jessica graduated from Notre Dame with degrees in government and anthropology and a minor in peace studies. After graduation, she was awarded a Herbert Scoville, Jr. Peace Fellowship to work in the Nuclear/Security Program of Physicians for Social Responsibility in Washington, D.C. She later earned a master's degree in international relations from Yale University.

Jessica serves on the boards of the Scoville Fellowship Program as well as on boards of several national and global organizations working on clean energy and climate change.

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