Master of Global Affairs - International Peace Studies

Students interested in a professional career in international peace and justice can apply for the 2-year Master of Global Affairs – International Peace Studies degree offered by the Keough School of Global Affairs. This program builds on the Master’s degree offered for 30 years by the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.

All students will take core classes in Global Affairs, choose an area of specialization, spend extended time working in the field, and develop the cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills needed to develop integrated solutions for governance, development, peace and conflict, and related issues.

Students in International Peace Studies will join more than 500 graduates working worldwide to build sustainable peace and justice at all levels of society through policy analysis and political change, government and organizational leadership, and conflict analysis and transformation.

Students in peace studies are advised by Susan St. Ville and Jen Betz. They welcome your inquiries.

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