Course Trailers

This small collection of 2-minute course trailers is designed to give you a glimpse into peace studies courses and help you make informed choices. To learn more about these courses and the faculty who teach them, watch the course trailers below.

Prof. Ernesto Verdeja teaches “Introduction to Peace Studies”

Prof. Ebrahim Moosa teaches "Modern Islamic Thought"

Prof. Laura Miller teaches "Psychology of Peace"


Prof. Patrick Regan teaches "Issues in Global Politics" 


Prof. Catherine Bolten teaches "Structural Violence" 


Prof. David Cortright teaches “How to Change the World: The Strategy and Tactics of Nonviolent Social Change” 


Prof. Atalia Omer teaches “Jerusalem: Peace or Apocalypse?” 


Prof. Tanisha Fazal teaches “Civil Wars”


Prof. Jason Springs teaches “Love and Violence: Religion, Civil Disobedience, and Nonviolent Resistance"