South Sudan's Peace Process at a Crossroads


This issue focuses on the South Sudan peace process at a critical juncture. This issue is guest edited by Daniel Fahey, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies and Keough School of Global Affairs Visiting Associate Professor of the Practice.

New posts in the December 2019 issue of Peace Policy:

Kroc Institute researchers Madhav Joshi and Matthew Hauenstein analyze the status of implementation of the 2018 Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan, using the methodology of the Peace Accords Matrix project. More »

2011 Kroc Institute alumnus Stephen Oola examines the role of the Reconstituted Joint Evaluation and Monitoring Commission for the South Sudan revitalised agreement, for which he is a Senior Advisor. More »

Susan D. Page, Keough School visiting professor of the practice and the first United States Ambassador to South Sudan (2011-2014), discusses the steps needed for the success of the Revitalised Agreement. More »   

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