Ph.D. in Peace Studies Students Publish in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Author: Renée LaReau

Three students in Notre Dame’s interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Peace Studies recently published new research in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Alex Dukalskis (political science and peace studies) and Laura Taylor (psychology and peace studies) co-wrote an article in the September 2012 issue of the Journal of Peace Research.   

“Old Truths and New Politics: Does Truth Commission ‘Publicness’ Impact Democratization?,” focuses on truth commissions, which uncover past wrongdoings by governments, and explores whether public hearings or reports increase the likelihood of democracy.  

Ryne Clos (history and peace studies) published an article in the Fall 2012 issue of the Journal for the Study of Radicalism. "In the Name of the God Who Will Be: The Mobilization of Radical Christians in the Sandinista Revolution” examines the role of religious awakening among Christians who joined the Sandinista guerrillas in Nicaragua in the 1980s.  

“Publishing research while still in graduate school indicates a high level of scholarly seriousness and quality,” said Asher Kaufman, associate professor of history and peace studies and director of doctoral studies at the Kroc Institute. “Having already published in these respected journals gives these students an edge in the academic market they are about to enter.”  

Dukalskis and Taylor have published and co-published other articles since they have been in the Ph.D. program. 

A full list of Dukalskis' publications is available on his CV website: 

A full list of Taylor’s publications is available on her CV website:

The Kroc Institute established the Ph.D. program in peace studies in 2008 in collaboration with Notre Dame’s departments of history, political science, psychology, sociology, and theology.  

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