Peace Studies Coming to Classrooms This Fall

Author: Renée LaReau

Jason Springs, assistant professor of religion, ethics, and peace studies, will teach the new undergraduate course "Peace vs Justice" in the fall 2012 semester.

When Notre Dame peace studies students begin fall semester classes in August, they’ll enroll in some of the more than 50 peace-related courses in disciplines ranging from anthropology to political science to sociology.

Peace studies courses offered primarily to undergraduates include:  

  • Jerusalem: Peace or Apocalypse? (new) - Prof. Atalia Omer
  • Peace vs. Justice: What is ‘Justpeace’? (new) - Prof. Jason Springs
  • Hindu, Christian Interaction (new) - Prof. Bradley Malkovsky
  • Ideas and American Foreign Policy (new) - Prof. Andrew Bacevich
  • Nonviolent Social Change - Prof. David Cortright
  • Women’s Human Rights - Prof. Eileen Botting
  • Introduction to Islamic Civilization – Prof. Li Guo
  • Anthropology of War and Peace – Prof. Carolyn Nordstrom
  • Introduction to Peace Studies – Profs. Asher Kaufman and Larissa Fast
  • Aid and Violence – Prof. Larissa Fast
  • U.S. Foreign Policy – Prof. Nilay Saiya
  • Modern Middle East – Prof. Asher Kaufman
  • Rethinking Crime and Justice – Profs. Susan Sharpe and Ed Kelly

Peace studies courses offered primarily to master’s and Ph.D. students include:  

  • Trauma and Peacebuilding – Prof. Susan St. Ville 
  • Environmental Justice – Prof. Kristin Shrader-Frechette
  • Peacebuilding and Public Policy – Prof. Gerard Powers
  • Politics of Reconciliation – Prof. Daniel Philpott
  • Approaches to Conflict Transformation - Profs. Julie Macfarlane and Bernard Mayer
  • International Law – Prof. Mary Ellen O’Connell
  • Women’s Human Rights - Prof. Eileen Botting
  • Contemporary Conflict and Peace Processes – Prof. Madhav Joshi
  • Modern Genocide – Prof. Ernesto Verdeja
  • International Peace Research – Prof. Peter Wallensteen 
  • Strategies of Peacebuilding: Organizing the Field – Prof. George A. Lopez
  • Organizational Leadership for the Third Sector – Theresa Rieke-Kiely
  • Foundations in Peace Studies – Prof. George A. Lopez 

Notre Dame’s academic year begins on Tuesday, August 21, 2012.   

Contact: Renée LaReau,, 574-631-5098