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2017 - 2018 Academic  Year

11/27/17: Peace Accords in Colombia. Notre Dame at the Vatican. Events.

11/2/17: Apply Now! Ph.D. Awards. Summer Institute

9/25/17: Undergrads. Book Launch. Faculty in the News.

9/13/17: New Students. Summer Internships. Flash Panel on North Korea.

2016 - 2017 Academic Year

5/28/17: New Director. Student & Faculty Awards. Commencement.

3/27/17: Amitav Ghosh. CRS Fellow. Distinguished Scholar Award

2/28/17: The Hesburgh Lecture. Student Spotlights. Spring Events.

1/26/17: Distinguished Alum Award. ScreenPeace Film Festival 2017.

12/21/16: Peace Accords in Colombia. Media Legends. Rhoades Scholars.

11/9/16: Peace Accords in Colombia. Media Legends. Rhoades Scholars.

10/10/16: Fellowships! Fellowships! Fellowships!

9/13/16: Colombian Peace Agreement. New Fellows and Students. Fall Events.

2015 - 2016 Academic Year

5/2/16: Student Awards. Faculty News. Commencement.

3/31/16: Faculty Books. Spring Happenings.

2/29/16: Faculty News. Meet Fellows. Upcoming Events.

1/18/16: Awards. New Faculty. Spring Events.

11/11/15: PhD in Peace Studies. New Book on Quality Peace. Latest Events.

10/29/15: Apply for Visiting Research Fellowships! Join us for November events.

10/1/15: Medgar Evers Award. Undergrads. Fall Events.

9/15/15: New PhD Students! Welcome Visiting Fellows. Fall Events.

8/27/15: Welcome Students! Join Us for Fall Events.