More than 50 Peace and Conflict-Related Courses Offered This Fall

Author: Renée LaReau

Peace studies students (undergraduate, master’s and Ph.D.) are enrolled in more than 50 peace and conflict-related courses for the 2013 fall semester, including several new courses being taught for the first time. Courses are taught by faculty at the Kroc Institute as well as in the Notre Dame Departments of Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology, Theology, History, and others. 

Peace studies courses offered primarily to undergraduates (this is a sampling) include:  

  • Psychology of Peace – Prof. Laura Miller (new)
  • Civil Wars – Prof. Tanisha Fazal (new)
  • Love and Violence – Prof. Jason Springs (new)
  • Human Rights and Human Wrongs – Prof. Ernesto Verdeja (new)
  • Issues in Global Politics – Prof. Patrick Regan
  • Introduction to Literature and Peace Studies – Prof. Sandra Gustafson
  • The Politics of Adapting to Climate Change – Prof. Debra Javeline
  • Improvising Peace - Prof. Emmanuel Katongole (new)
  • Rich, Poor, and War - Prof. Todd Whitmore
  • Introduction to Islamic Civilization – Prof. Li Guo
  • Aid and Violence – Prof. Larissa Fast 
  • U.S. Foreign Policy – Prof. Daniel Lindley
  • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Prof. Asher Kaufman
  • Religion, Nationalism and Peace – Prof. Atalia Omer
  • Religion, Development and Democracy – Prof. Robert Dowd, C.S.C.
  • Contention in China – Prof. Victoria Tin-bor Hui  

Peace studies courses offered primarily to master’s and Ph.D. students include:  

  • Professional Development I – Prof. Theresa Ricke-Kiely (new)
  • Social Movements, Conflict & Peace – Prof. Ann Mische (new)
  • Environmental Justice – Prof. Kristin Shrader-Frechette
  • Foundations in Peace Studies – Prof. George A. Lopez
  • Peacebuilding and Public Policy – Prof. Gerard F. Powers
  • Conflict Resolution – Prof. Larissa Fast
  • Modern Genocide – Prof. Ernesto Verdeja
  • Children, Youth and Violence – Prof. Catherine Bolten 
  • International NGO Leadership  & Management – Prof. Hal Culbertson
  • Politics of Reconciliation – Prof. Daniel Philpott
  • Public International Law – Prof. Mary Ellen O’Connell
  • Contemporary Conflict and Peace Processes – Prof. Patrick Regan
  • Approaches to Conflict Transformation – Profs. Julie Macfarlane and Bernard Mayer
  • Qualitative Research Methods – Prof. Gary Goertz 

Notre Dame’s 2013-14 academic year begins on Aug. 26.