Kroc Launches Peace Policy

Author: Kristi Flaherty

The Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies has launched Peace Policy, a new online journal edited by David Cortright, director of policy studies. Written by faculty and fellows of the Kroc Institute at the University of Notre Dame, each issue will focus on one critical topic, ranging from the war in Afghanistan to nuclear nonproliferation to military-civilian cooperation. 

Peace Policy aims to contribute to the international conversation on conflict and peace by giving Notre Dame scholars and associated colleagues a forum for research-based insights and commentary. While the viewpoints may not always align on every point, said Cortright, the writers do agree on two things: Violent conflict is one of the most serious problems in the world today. And interdisciplinary research and policy studies can lead to effective, just, and sustainable solutions.

The first issue of Peace Policy looks at U.S. and NATO policy in Afghanistan. Articles include: “Is Afghanistan a ‘Good War’?” by David Cortright; “Combat Drones: Losing the War on Terrorism,” by international legal scholar Mary Ellen O’Connell, and “A Necessary War Taken to Unnecessary Extremes,” by political scientist Michael Desch.

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Contact: David Cortright,, (574) 631-8536