Kroc Appoints Three New Faculty Fellows

Author: Renée LaReau

The Kroc Institute recently named three new faculty fellows.

Kroc Institute faculty fellows are professors in other academic units throughout the University of Notre Dame whose research and teaching relate to peace studies. They teach courses that are part of the peace studies curriculum and contribute to Kroc research initiatives. 

Lauren Falkner, Assistant Professor of History, focuses on Modern European cultural and intellectual history, the impact of fascism on the relationship between religion and nationalism, genocide and other crimes against humanity in historical context, and judgment in the work of Hannah Arendt. 

Emilia Justyna Powell, Assistant Professor of Political Science, researches international law, international courts, peaceful resolution of international disputes, domestic legal traditions, relationship between Islamic law and international law, and territorial disputes.

Paul Ocobock, Assistant Professor of History, specializes in 20th century Africa, histories of African peoples living in East Africa, and young Kenyan men growing up under British colonialism.

"I am delighted to welcome three outstanding young scholars as new faculty fellows of the Kroc Institute," said Scott Appleby, director of the Kroc Institute. 

"Both Professor Faulkner, whose research plumbs the complexities surrounding ultra-nationalism and mass violence, and Professor Ocobock, who examines the impact of colonialism in East Africa, engage the most profound ethical questions raised by the historical record. The political scientist Emilia Powell's expertise in Islam, international law and dispute resolution is tailor made for our Contending Modernities project, and for Kroc's study of comparative religion and politics more generally. My colleagues and I at the Kroc Institute are eager to engage with new fellows on addressing some of the most challenging issues of our time."

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