Join the Undergraduate Program in Peace Studies


Concerned about peace in hotspots like Syria or Sudan? Interested in peace and justice in a violent world?  Wondering about how cultures and religions can interact peacefully?

The Kroc Institute invites undergraduates at Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College to enroll in the peace studies program, which offers a supplementary major and an interdisciplinary minor in peace studies.

Peace studies is a great way to enrich your education, whether you are studying in the liberal arts, sciences, or business. You’ll take classes related to conflict, violence, war, terrorism, peace, justice, and human rights. You’ll become an empowered citizen with knowledge and understanding of critical world issues. You’ll gain valuable skills in conflict resolution, nonviolent social change, and strategic peacebuilding. And you’ll be challenged to put principles of social justice to work and make a difference in the world.

Contact: Anna Van Overberghe,