Book Launch: The Arab Spring Abroad


Location: Zoom Webinar

Dana Moss Event

To attend, e-mail Dana Moss for Zoom information. 

Join us for a discussion of The Arab Spring Abroad: Diaspora Activism Against Authoritarian Regimes (Cambridge University Press), the new book from Kroc Institute Faculty Fellow Dana Moss, Associate Professor of Sociology. 

The Arab Spring revolutions of 2011 sent shockwaves across the globe, mobilizing diaspora communities to organize forcefully against authoritarian regimes. Despite the important role that diasporas can play in influencing affairs in their countries of origin, little is known about when diaspora actors mobilize, how they intervene, or what makes them effective. This book addresses these questions, drawing on over 230 original interviews, fieldwork, and comparative analysis. Examining Libyan, Syrian, and Yemeni mobilization from the US and Great Britain before and during the revolutions, Moss presents a new framework for understanding the transnational dynamics of contention and the social forces that either enable or suppress transnational activism.

Moss will open the event with a summary of the book and its main points. 

Respondents include:

  • David Cortright, Director of the Global Policy Initiative and Special Advisor for Policy Studies, Keough School of Global Affairs; Professor Emeritus of the Practice, Kroc Institute
  • Atalia Omer, Professor of Religion, Conflict and Peace Studies, Kroc Institute

To attend, e-mail Dana Moss for Zoom information.