Kroc-Kellogg Peace, Conflict, Crime and Violence Workshop


Location: C104/105 Hesburgh Center for International Studies

Kroc Kellogg Peace Conflict Crime and Violence Workshop

"Land Restitution and Racial Inequality in Colombia’s Post-conflict Transition"

Featuring Laura García-Montoya, Visiting Fellow, Kellogg Institute, and Ana Montoya, Duke University


This paper studies the politics of land restitution and its relationship with racial and ethnic inequality in Colombia. In 2011, the Government created a Land Restitution Unit (LRU) and the Restitution Land Courts to address internal displacement and land dispossession. Since then, restitution judges have been active in leveraging sentences to order national and local state institutions to coordinate broader development and infrastructure projects, such as schools, rural electrification, and roads to facilitate the return of displaced communities. Importantly, the law recognizes the collective property rights of black and indigenous communities as they were disproportionally affected by violence and displacement. Yet, there is important variation in the decisions at different stages of the judicial process (administrative, judicial, enforcement) across time and communities. What explains temporal and subnational variation in judicial decisions and their enforcement to protect the land rights of black and indigenous communities?

Discussant: Anibal Pérez-Liñán

Open to Ph.D. students, fellows, and faculty who are interested in civil war, violence, crime, peace, conflict management, and conflict resolution. The workshop is an informal gathering to discuss work-in-progress, dissertation chapters and proposals, practice conference talks, etc.

The workshop format assumes that participants come to the workshop having read the paper. A discussant will start the discussion with 5-10 minutes of comments, then the floor is open. For the pre-circulated materials or more information, contact Gary Goertz.

Lunch is provided.
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