Meet the Class of 2022

International Peace Studies Concentration 

The International Peace Studies concentration in the Master of Global Affairs builds sustainable peace and justice through careers in policy analysis and political change, government and organizational leadership, and conflict analysis and transformation. This new cohort of students join a global network of more than 600 master’s graduates addressing violent conflict and peace, human rights and human development, environmental sustainability, and related issues. Students in this concentration are considered Kroc Scholars. 

Five IPS students from the Class of 2022 began their program during the fall 2020 semester. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, an additional eight were able to join the cohort in January 2021, and three additional students needed to defer until Fall 2021.

The Class of 2022 includes students from Burkina Faso, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Indonesia, Kenya, the Philippines, Republic of the Gambia, Sierra Leone, South Korea, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, and Zimbabwe. 

Bryanna Breamer

Bryanna Beamer (United States) most recently worked as a case manager with the University of Baltimore’s Choice Program, working with youth in the Juvenile Justice Department as a mentor and advocate in legal, educational, and personal realms. She also volunteered as a youth coach with the International Rescue Committee to help refugee youth acclimate to American culture. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana, Bryanna created a junior high school boys and girls club focused on education, self-confidence, and employment opportunities. She also worked with farmers to develop nutritional practices and raised more than $10,000 to build a computer lab and library. Bryanna earned a BA in psychology from Shippensburg University with an emphasis on childhood adolescent development and minority group experiences. As a student, she conducted research on the effects of mindfulness on youth attention spans. Bryanna is the recipient of a Kroc Institute Fellowship.


Sophia Dianne Garcia (The Philippines) recently served as a project/advocacy officer at the Center for Peace Education and a facilitator with the National Service Training Program at Miriam College, leading projects and advocacy campaigns related to youth, peace and security, and disarmament. Sophia was the local coordinator of the Young Women for Peace and Leadership Program of the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP) in the Philippines and also was a researcher for GNWP on a study focused on the sustainable peace agenda. As a young peacebuilder, she has shared her experiences locally and internationally, including at the United Nations. She also worked at the Human Rights Victims Claims Board and for the Philippine Peace Process as part of the Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Commission Secretariat. Sophia holds a bachelor of arts degree (with honors) in international studies and international politics from Miriam College, where she also earned a minor in peace studies. She is the recipient of a Kroc Institute Fellowship.

Lenai Johnson

Lenai Taylor Johnson (United States) served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines, where she worked as a youth development facilitator at a residential center for survivors of gender-based violence. She assisted in designing a behavioral management program for the center, creating therapeutic activities to address trauma, and also facilitated advocacy sessions throughout her province that focused on eliminating violence against women and children. Lenai also has worked for the YWCA Madison, interned with the State Public Defender’s Office in Wisconsin, volunteered as an English and writing tutor in South Africa, and facilitated a social justice class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Lenai’s passion for human rights and justice brought her to the Keough School, where she hopes to explore the intersection between gender and conflict, with a specific focus on genocide and mass atrocities. Lenai holds a BA in legal studies and psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is the recipient of a Kroc Institute Fellowship.


Tinaishe Maramba (Zimbabwe) graduated with honors from the University of Zimbabwe with a degree in political science. Before coming to Notre Dame, he worked for the International Organization for Migration, a UN-related organization, as a project field assistant, working with returnees affected by economic challenges related to the global pandemic. Previously, he worked with National AIDS Council Zimbabwe as a district youth facilitator. He also has served as a junior member of parliament in the city of Murewa, advocating for children’s rights policy.

Tinaishe was awarded the US government’s global UGRAD scholarship to study in the United States and is a graduate of the YALI Regional Leadership Center in Southern Africa, a US Department of State initiative to train the next generation of young African leaders. He is the recipient of a Kroc Institute Fellowship.


Juan Mosquera Sepúlveda (Colombia) has served as a United Nations Volunteer at UNICEF in Colombia, working on design, implementation, and monitoring of strategies to prevent armed violence against children and adolescents, especially child soldier recruitment. He also worked as a consultant in the same organization designing methodological tools for a nationwide mobilization strategy recruiting 2,000 adolescents to promote peacebuilding. He also worked for nearly four years in governmental organizations such as the Bogotá City Council, the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, and the Office of the Presidential Counsellor for Youth on policymaking related to peacebuilding and socioeconomic development. He also is fluent in Spanish, French, and German.

Juan holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and government from the Universidad del Rosario, where he was awarded a scholarship for academic excellence and graduated first in his cohort. At Notre Dame, he is the recipient of a Kroc Institute Fellowship.


Sarah Nanjala (Kenya) is a former print journalist for the Daily Nation, Kenya’s largest independent newspaper, where she reported on politics, health and wrote human-interest stories. She has written on a wide range of national issues including elections in violence-prone areas and the COVID-19 pandemic. She has worked as a parliamentary reporter and also as an assistant editor for the Star, a daily newspaper in Nairobi.

Sarah has training in investigative and data journalism and was awarded a Transparency International grant to research and report on sanitation conditions in Nairobi’s public schools. Her interests include advocating for women and children as well as reporting on issues related to gender empowerment, health, advocacy, conflict resolution, and policymaking. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication from the Technical University of Kenya. Sarah is the recipient of a Kroc Institute Fellowship.


Susan Nchubiri (Kenya) is a member of the Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic. She has skills in intercultural living and community organizing and is passionate about integral human development, sustainable justice, and peace. Since 2017, she has provided technical support to her religious community members in New York.

Susan worked for three years in Haiti, where she founded a women’s self–help women’s group and established a microcredit co-operative, a community garden and a goat-raising project for a youth group at Croix des Bouquets. With the support of Maryknoll Sisters’ Mission Funding, she assisted five villages in digging community water wells. She also has worked as a campus minister at Maryknoll Convent School in Hong Kong, providing spiritual and social support to migrant workers and prisoners. From 2000 to 2004, Susan was a program coordinator for Euphrasia Women Training and Karibu Women Refuge Centers and Maria House in Kenya, where she focused on providing pastoral care, faith formation, socioeconomic development opportunities, and gender equality awareness training to underprivileged women and youth. At Maria House, she also developed a training manual for integral human development classes.

Susan enjoys troubleshooting and finding solutions to technological problems. She is the recipient of a Kroc Institute Fellowship.


Anna Romandash (Ukraine) is an award-winning journalist from Ukraine. She has collaborated with the Open Government Partnership, Freedom House, and the German media company Deutsche Welle. She works as a reporter and a digital policy expert focusing on sustainable media development, human rights, and information access. She has worked on media-related projects in Eastern Europe at Digital Communication Network, and has been a fellow of the Hansen Summer Institute, the Personal Democracy Forum, CNN, and ICANN, an American nonprofit that supports Internet security and stability.

Anna’s areas of interest include foreign reporting, conflict resolution, and security developments with a special focus on Eastern Europe. She has spoken and presented her work at global events such as RightsCon, the Global Media Forum, and the Digital Transformation Forum. She was named Media Freedom Ambassador of Ukraine for her human rights and media work, and was among the winners of the European Institute of Mediterranean contest for her reporting. Anna is the recipient of a Kroc Institute Fellowship.

Rachel Rosenberg

Rachael Rosenberg (United States) served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia, where she developed the English education program at a school near the Georgian-Armenian border and led USAID-funded projects focusing on youth leadership, social activism, and gender equity. In 2017 Rachael spent a summer as a cultural ambassador for the USA Pavilion at the World Expo in Astana (now Nur-Sultan), Kazakhstan. She previously worked on research initiatives at the Kennan Institute and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, and won a Critical Language Scholarship for intensive language study in Russia from the US Department of State.

Originally from Texas, Rachael graduated summa cum laude from American University with a BA in international studies and Russian language and area studies. She speaks Russian, Georgian, and Armenian. At the Keough School, Rachael plans to explore the intersections of race/ethnicity, gender, and class in peacebuilding, as well as approaches to transitional and restorative justice in the aftermath of violent conflict. She is the recipient of a Kroc Institute Fellowship.


Rayangnewende Jean Marc Tiendrebeogo (Burkina Faso) is a former program officer and head of office for a USAID-funded program focused on countering violent extremism and promoting peace through development. In this capacity he implemented and led programs and activities for vulnerable young men and women that were focused on empowerment, promoting moderate voices, and strengthening civil society’s capacity to address community issues and strengthen local government.

Jean Marc most recently worked as a State Department foreign service national, serving as a consular assistant and fraud prevention investigator at the US Embassy in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. He is the founder and executive director of Burkina United and Stable Youth (BUSY), a youth development and empowerment nonprofit organization. He graduated from Augustana University with a BA in English and was funded by a Fulbright African Undergraduate Scholarship. At Notre Dame, Jean Marc is the recipient of a Kroc Institute Fellowship.

Clara Villatoro

Clara Villatoro (El Salvador) is a former journalist who covered breaking news in Central America on topics such as public health, environment, and economics for local and international press. During the past four years she served as the Central America Regional Human Rights and Democracy Program Coordinator in the Pulte Institute for Global Development, part of the Keough School. She holds a BA in social communication from the University of Central America “Jose Simeon Cañas” (UCA), where she was the recipient of the UCA Martyrs Scholarship. Clara also holds a master’s degree in multimedia journalism from the University of the Basque Country. As a student of this program in Spain, she was a recipient of a Foundation Carolina Fellowship. As a master of global affairs student, Clara is the recipient of a Kroc Institute Fellowship.