Garrett FitzGerald

Postdoctoral Fellow in Ethics, Politics, and Community Justice

As the Kroc Institute's Postdoctoral Fellow in Ethics, Politics, and Community Justice, Garrett's responsibilities include leadership around programming for the Kroc Institute's intersectionality and justice initiative and work to better integrate service and community-involved learning into Kroc's undergraduate curriculum. Garrett is also involved with the Contending Modernities research initiative, and will be teaching a section of Introduction to Peace Studies in Spring of 2022. Garrett also serves as a part-time Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering to support the MSCA (Moment to See, Courage to Act) Initiative for Internet Freedom.

Garrett is a Ph.D. graduate of the Kroc Institute's dual-degree program in Peace Studies and Political Science, and also holds an M.T.S. from Harvard Divinity School (religion, ethics, and politics) and a B.A. from Guilford College (peace and conflict studies and religious studies). Before coming to Notre Dame, Garrett served for five years as the head of development for the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, a Nobel Peace Prize-winning non-governmental organization dedicated to nuclear abolition and armed violence reduction.

Garrett's research focuses on the intersections between democratic theory, decolonial theory, and the theory and practice of peacebuilding. His dissertation project applies decolonial critiques to the politics of expert knowledge production in the field of peacebuilding, and develops new frameworks for promoting peace through dialogue rooted in the irreducible plurality of understandings of peace itself.