Annie Ortega-Shyne

Program Assistant, Project on Revitalizing Catholic Engagement on Nuclear Disarmament

Annie Ortega-Shyne

2110 Jenkins Nanovic Halls
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone: 574-631-4371

Annie Ortega-Shyne is a Program Assistant for the Project on Revitalizing Catholic Engagement on Nuclear Disarmament. She works with Professor Gerard Powers to re-engage the Catholic community in the debate on the ethical and policy aspects of nuclear proliferation and disarmament.

Annie will assist in planning, organizing, and conducting conferences, seminars, and workshops. She will also coordinate student internships, assist with research and editing of writing projects, develop content for the Project’s website, and work on the development of outreach to schools locally and nationwide as key partners in the education side of the Project.

Annie is from a multi-cultural family and grew up in South America and Europe. She has traveled extensively throughout South America, Europe, and the Middle East. She is a published author and an entrepreneur, and has been a PK-12 educator for the past 14 years. Her desire to give back to her community has led to leadership roles in various civic and service organizations that equip students and educators to learn through interactive hands-on programs, such as the Civil Rights Program and Medal of Honor Programs offered by Freedoms Foundation.

Annie has a B.B.A. and an MBA in International Finance from the University of Miami, and an M.A. in Classical Philosophy and Christian Culture from Knox Theological Seminary.