The Kroc Institute's undergraduate program welcomes any student at the University of Notre Dame or Saint Mary's College who is interested in peace, justice, human rights, and the future of the globe.

You can choose one of two learning options: a supplementary major (24 credit hours) or an interdisciplinary minor (15 credit hours) in peace studies.

Why major or minor in peace studies? Classes will:

  • empower you to be an effective citizen with knowledge and understanding of critical world issues
  • strengthen your skills in research, writing, conflict resolution, strategic peacebuilding and nonviolent social change
  • challenge you to think and act in new ways, putting principles of social justice to work and making a difference in the world

Peace studies undergraduates are regular recipients of awards, fellowships, and grants (including Summer Research Grants), and are active in fieldwork, internships, service projects, and campus events, including the annual student peace conference.

Graduates of the undergraduate peace studies program apply valuable knowledge and skills to careers in business, education, politics, medicine, law, and science, as well as to jobs directly related to the peaceful and just resolution of global challenges.