A peace studies major or minor begins with the class "Introduction to Peace Studies." The course draws on the social sciences (such as anthropology, psychology, and political science) and shows how they contribute to ending violent conflict and injustice. The course also examines the best thinking in modern peace research and encourages reflection on how to build just peace.

You'll also take classes such as (these are examples):

  • Terrorism, Peace and other Inconsistencies
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Rich, Poor, and War
  • World Poverty and Inequality 
  • Nonviolent Social Change
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Women’s Human Rights
  • Conflict and Democracy in American Literature
  • Global Activism
  • Rise and Fall of World Communism
  • Borders, Boundaries and Frontiers
  • Christianity in Africa
  • Anthropology of Human Rights
  • Structural Violence
  • International Human Rights Movement
  • Conflict and Development  

The minor and the major in peace studies conclude with a senior-level seminar, which includes a research paper and a capstone experience that bridges your primary major and peace studies.

A complete list of undergraduate peace studies courses is available in Notre Dame’s Undergraduate Bulletin of Information.

For more information, contact Anna Van Overberghe, Kroc Institute undergraduate program manager, vanoverberghe.11@nd.edu.

Students considering a peace studies major or minor are welcome to contact Professor Ernesto Verdeja, everdeja@nd.edu