For Undergraduates

supplementary major or minor in peace studies is a great addition to your undergraduate education. Apply valuable knowledge and skills to your future career in the liberal arts, business, education, politics, medicine, law, or science, and to the pursuit of peace and social justice. Join us!

For Future Master's Students

Beginning in Fall 2017, Notre Dame's new Keough School of Global Affairs will offer International Peace Studies as an important feature of the new Master of Arts in Global Affairs.

Please send an email to and we will be happy to alert you when more information about the master's program is available.

For Future Ph.D. Students

The Kroc Institute offers 6 distinct doctoral degrees: anthropology & peace studies; political science & peace studies; history & peace studies; sociology & peace studies; psychology & peace studies; and theology & peace studies.

What Is Peace Studies?

Peace studies is an interdisciplinary field that draws on insights from political science, history, sociology, law, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, theology, and more to address some of the world's greatest challenges.

The University of Notre Dame's Kroc Institute is a leading center for teaching and research on strategies of sustainable just peace and the causes of violent conflict.

Strategic Peacebuilding Pathways

What does the interdisciplinary field of peace studies look like? This graphic illustrates the field’s main components and their relationship to each other. View »