Gearoid Millar

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) of Sociology, Institute for Conflict, Transition, and Peace Research (ICTPR), University of Aberdeen

Due to changes in technological, legal, social, and economic revolutions, the nature of ‘conflict’ has altered tremendously over the last 70 years. Those changes include a transition from the nuclear catastrophe of the ‘Cold War’ to the ‘boots on the ground’ of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam to today’s ‘eyes in the sky’ of the war on terror. These changes also spur evolutions in peace research as it seeks to analyse, understand, and respond to the political, practical, and ethical challenges of the day.

The next 40 years will also see new challenges for peace research; climate change, technological innovation, demographic shifts, mass migrations, the emergence of China, the retreat of the West, cyber warfare, etc. All of this will alter the very nature of conflict and violence and force peace researchers to confront new political, practical and ethical challenges in the 21st century. Millar will discuss how peace researchers and students must now be now adaptable, flexible, responsive and interdisciplinary as they develop new theories, methodologies, analytical tools, and recommendations for peace policy and practice.