Please note: The Kroc Institute is not accepting MA applications for Fall 2016. Beginning in Fall 2017, Notre Dame's new Keough School of Global Affairs will offer International Peace Studies as an important feature of the new Master's in Global Affairs. Please send an email to and we will be happy to alert you when more information about the master's program is available.

The 3 professional tracks are designed to help students advance their careers within the broad field of peace studies and peacebuilding. Each track offers core knowledge and skills relevant for work in the area.

Policy Analysis and Political Change

This track focuses on analysis of policy formation, implementation, and evaluation designed to build sustainable peace. Students gain skills in developing policy as well as broader initiatives to promote normative and structural change.

Career options: Policy advising in government, regional or global international organizations, or NGOs; political organizing and advocacy; human rights implementation.

Organizational Management and Leadership

This track focuses on the role of various kinds of organizations in peacebuilding and the challenges they face. Students reflect on what it means to be a leader in an organization, the ingredients of effective leadership, and their own leadership style. They also acquire skills and tools needed to manage organizational peacebuilding efforts effectively.

Career options: Professional positions and leadership in peace-related local and international NGOs, governmental and intergovernmental agencies, and religious and other civil society organizations.

Conflict Analysis and Transformation

This track focuses on the nature and dynamics of conflict as well as strategies for managing and transforming conflict into more positive relationships, sustainable peace, and just societies. Students gain skills in identifying key factors and dilemmas in conflict settings and in fostering constructive change processes.

Career options: Mediation and facilitation from the grassroots to the international level, restorative justice practices, and program development and training in conflict transformation and dialogue processes.