The Kroc Institute

At the University of Notre Dame, a leading center for interdisciplinary research and teaching on strategies for sustainable peace and the causes of violent conflict. What is peace studies?


In 1986 by Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., and philanthropist Joan B. Kroc.  Read about our history » 


Hesburgh Center for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana USA. Find us »

Global reach

Research and practice take faculty around the world. In addition, most Kroc master's students spend five months of the two-year program conducting an internship at a field site in Israel/Palestine, Colombia, the Philippines, Uganda, South Africa, or Washington, D.C.


Faculty members examine the causes of war, genocide, terrorism, ethnic and religious conflict, and other forms of deady violence. They also explore and develop strategies of peace. More about Kroc research »

Degrees offered

Faculty and fellows

  • 28 faculty at the Kroc Institute
  • 60+ faculty fellows (faculty in other academic units throughout Notre Dame whose research and teaching relate to peace studies).
  • 4-5 visiting fellows (scholars from other institutions who join Kroc for up to a year to work on a research project related to peace).


500+ from the master's program

900+ from the undergraduate program

7 from the PhD program

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